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Rabbit Hutch: Which One To Buy and How To Clean

Rabbit Hutch
If you love your pet rabbit, you should also take care of his living. Just providing food is not enough, a rabbit should have a proper hutch. Where you rabbit can be comfortable and happy. A rabbit hutch is not like a rabbit cage. These generally have legs to provide extra height so that the rabbits are safer.
The first thing to note while buying a rabbit hutch is its location in your home. Whether you would like to have one inside the house or outside. If it is an outdoor hutch, your rabbit can have fresh air and surroundings. However, an indoor hutch is safer and provide shelter, in case of bad weather.
Before buying a rabbit hutch, the size of your rabbit should be kept in mind. Hutch should be able to keep the rabbit comfortable and place to move around. In case of a small rabbit, a smaller hutch can be bought.
A well elevated hutch is always better as it makes it impossible for other animals to access it or to knock it over causing harm to your rabbit. Specially in the case of an outdoor hutch, its height is very important.
The cleaning of your rabbit hutch is very important as it helps to maintain the health of the rabbit.
Ways to clean a rabbit hutch can be seen as below.
The very first thing to do before cleaning a rabbit hutch is to keep your rabbit in a safe place. Then the hutch should be completely emptied. Everything should be taken out of it. Brush up the entire hutch from the inside.
Next you need a disinfectant mixed in a bucket of warm water. You should make sure that the disinfectant is non toxic as the rabbits lick themselves and the cage as well also it is easy to rinse off and also does not leave a foul odour. Dirty areas should be scrubbed and left to dry for at least 30 minutes.
Once the hutch is dried up, everything should be put back in its place. clean bedding along with food and water bowl. After everything is set up, the rabbit should be put back in.
Rabbit hutches should be regularly cleaned as it gets dirty easily due to the rabbit fur and shavings. Rabbit urine has very foul odour and may cause breathing problems to your rabbit or even weepy eyes, so it become a must to get rid of it, especially if the hutch is inside the house.
Rabbit hutches are not that difficult to find. You can get these at any pet shop, or the best source to even find out the best type is through internet search. There are sites offering these kind of products as well and also at a discounted price.
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Rabbit Hutch

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